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Letters to Felix


An educational community tv show about emerging technologies

This project was created alongside Alex Penman during out 7 week residency at Laboratory Spokane . Follow @Auxillius.cord on instagram to see photos from the trip


A little summary

Our goal was to get non-experts involved in exploring and understanding Augmented Reality (AR). To this end we made an educational program called "Letters to Felix" where we make the same AR experience at 3 levels of complexity, so that everyone at home can follow along. Over the course of the episode you'll not only be exposed to the past, present, and future of the technology, but you'll also be taught the theory and skills needed to start experimenting and developing your own experiences. The show is made in the style of old 70's and 80's educational programs, in order to be more distinct and engaging than a youtube tutorial. With the increasing influence that XR technologies such as AR and VR are having on our lives, it is important that everyone can be part of the conversation about their future.


A little process

Alex and I leaned into the use of improvisation and video prototyping in order to break up the monotony of planning and storyboarding. We found that making quick iphone videos to test out our ideas really helped us unify our thinking, as well as increasing ‘morale’. Early on we made three 2 minute videos in order to test out the different episode formats that we thought might work, by doing this it was clear to both of us that the ‘Letters to X‘ format was our favourite. Later we also show low fidelity versions of our storyboarded scenes in order to spot any problems that weren’t obvious on paper.

Our first video prototype